Where is the Whitefish Police Department located?

The Whitefish Police Department is located in the Whitefish Emergency Services Center (ESC) at 275 Flathead Avenue.  Flathead Avenue is to the west of Baker Avenue.  We are located at the top of the hill (behind Safeway and the Wave Fitness Center).  Also located in the ESC is the Whitefish Fire Department and the Whitefish Municipal Court.

What are the lobby hours for the Whitefish Police Department?

The lobby of the Whitefish Police Department is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.  If you are at the police department after hours, you may use the lobby phone to contact the Flathead Dispatch Center.  The lobby phone is located on the wall to your left (as you are coming in) between the two sets of glass doors (the inner doors are locked after hours).

How do I pay for or dispute a citation?

Once a you have received a citation, you must contact the Whitefish Municipal Court to have it resolved by either paying a fine or appearing before the judge.  The Whitefish Police Department cannot take payments or dismiss/void a citation after it has been issued.  The Whitefish Municipal Court can be reached at 406-863-2440.  For more information about the court including their hours of operation and open court times, please follow the link below.

Whitefish Municipal Court Website
How do I obtain a copy of an Accident Report or a Case Report?

Accident Reports:  You may come in to the Police Department during our regular business hours to get a copy of a Motor Vehicle Accident Report.  There is a $10 fee for this report.

Case Reports:  Please contact the Whitefish Deputy City Attorney, Kristi Curtis, at 863-2446 to request a case report. Whitefish PD does not release case reports without the authorization of the prosecutor.  There are fees involved for these reports depending on the volume of information and the time required to retrieve and prepare it.

How do I file a police report?

Where you live will determine which department will take your report.  You may have a Whitefish mailing address but be outside of the city limits and in Flathead County Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction.  The best way to file a report is to contact the Flathead 911 Emergency Communications Center (dispatch) at 406-863-2420, option #2.  This center works with all of the law enforcement agencies in the Flathead Valley and can quickly direct your information to the appropriate officer on duty.  You may also come in to the Whitefish Police Department lobby during business hours and fill out a Voluntary Statement form to begin the process.  Click the link below to access the Voluntary Statement form online.

Voluntary Statement Form
How do I get a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) on someone?

FIRST, IF A CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED IN THE CITY OF WHITEFISH, CONTACT THE POLICE DEPARTMENT AT 406-863-2420 TO FILE A POLICE REPORT.  You must appear before a judge to obtain a Temporary Restraining Order and articulate a reason the order is needed.  If the incident that initiates the need for a TRO occurred in Whitefish, or if you are a resident of the City of Whitefish, please contact the Whitefish Municipal Court at 406-863-2440 for additional information.  If you reside outside the City of Whitefish, or the incident initiating the need for a TRO occurred outside of the Whitefish City Limits, please contact the Flathead Justice Court at 406-758-5643 for more information.

How can I obtain a copy of someone’s criminal record?

Contact the Montana Department of Justice Criminal Records Unit to obtain criminal records:

For more information, please visit the Montana Department of Justice Criminal Records website by following the link below.

Montana Department of Justice Criminal Records Website
Can I have my fingerprints taken by the Whitefish Police Department?

Whitefish PD offers fingerprinting services on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 1pm to 3pm.  You must  provide a photo ID and pay a $25 fee at the time of fingerprinting.  Fingerprint cards must be filled out COMPLETELY before your prints are taken.  If fingerprint cards were provided to you, please fill them out to the best of your ability before coming in for prints.  WPD utilizes Livescan and will do ink prints if needed.

Why did I receive a “Warning” on my trash can?

The City of Whitefish has a Trash Container Ordinance (City Code 4-2-4A) that restricts the time containers can be out on the street.  In short, containers may not be placed out prior to 4am on the day of collection and must be retrieved by 7pm the same day.  The ordinance is in place to discourage bears from coming into our neighborhoods and searching for food.

Whitefish City Codes
How do I get a VIN Inspection completed on my vehicle/boat/trailer?

You may come by the Whitefish Police Department with the MVD form and the vehicle or trailer that needs to be inspected.  The MVD form is available by clicking the link below.  There may be a short wait depending on officer availability.  You may also contact the Flathead 911 Emergency Communications Center (dispatch) at 406-863-2420, option #2 to set up a time to meet an officer.

MVD VIN Inspection Form